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Dr. Halenda Retirement Announcement

After 33 years of impeccable service, excellent patient care, and never-ending dedication, Gregory Halenda, MD will be retiring from Suburban Urologic Associates as of 12/31/2023. He will be greatly missed by his staff, peers and patients of Monroeville and surrounding areas.

Suburban Urologic is also pleased to announce the addition of Albert A. Geskin, MD. Dr. Geskin is an experienced urologist and will be available to accept all of Dr. Halenda’s patients.

If you are scheduled with Dr. Halenda after Jan 1, 2024, please contact the office at 412-372-6330 to move your appointment to Dr. Geskin’s schedule or any of our other providers.

We thank you for your relationship with Dr. Halenda over all the past years and we look forward to continuing it with all our providers.


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Natural Ways To Prevent Kidney Stones

If you have experienced the excruciating pain of passing a kidney stone, you remember it well. You are probably aware that once you have one, there is a strong likelihood you will have another. Not a very comforting thought, but there are some natural ways to prevent kidney stones. Keep reading to discover some easy preventative methods.

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