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Thank you for choosing Suburban Urologic Associates for your healthcare needs. We are working hard to help you continue care either by office appointment or by telemedicine.

Thank you again for allowing us to participate in your urologic healthcare needs.

Gregory Halenda, MD - Telemedicine

Carl Bruning, MD - Telemedicine

Thomas Rosvanis, MD - Telemedicine

Justin Isariyawongse, MD - Telemedicine

Matthew Burger, PA - Telemedicine

Donna Finnegan, PA - Telemedicine

Kristen Gregory, PA - Telemedicine

Chelsea Workman, PA - Telemedicine

Patient Forms

New patient packets:

Packet A
(new patient forms)

Packet B
(new patient, erectile dysfunction forms)

Packet C
(new patient, infertility forms)

Packet D
(new patient, vasectomy consult forms)

Packet E
(established patient forms)

Additional forms:
Consent to
Disclose Patient

Medical Records Release
AUA BPH Symptom Scale
Pelvic Pain and Urgency/Frequency Symptom Scale
Voiding Diary